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Boomers & the Sunset

It’s not yet time for Boomers to ride off into the sunset. There’s still work to be done.

The country is ill. It is suffering from PTSD of the soul. From the post traumatic stress of the continuous conflicts Americans have faced since World War II. The Korean War, Viet Nam War, Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and back in Iraq and the battles over civil rights, poverty, gender and sexual rights and income inequality. This cycle of constant warfare has conditioned a class of Americans to see every aspect of human endeavor – business, politics, investing, even sports – as a gladiatorial pit where there is only one winner and the rest are losers.

If you have any doubt about that, look at the behavior of those on Wall Street and in the hedge funds on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, in the U.S. Congress and the chattering class in politics today, and among the executive elites of American business and their lobbyists on K Street in Washington, D.C..

Look at the president of Volkwagen in the U.S., for example. The New York Times reports that he knew about the company’s cheating on U.S. emissions test over a year ago and did nothing. Why? Because when you are afflicted with PTSD of the soul, you will stop at nothing and do anything to come out on top. You are a warrior as ruthless as any jungle fighter – you take no prisoners and wage unconditional warfare.

And that’s what Boomer must fix. That’s the great challenge awaiting this generation. Forget retirement. Forget the sunset. It’s dawn and the time has come for Boomers to claim their spot in the long line of great generations that have preceded them in America. It’s time to step forward and cure what ails our nation’s soul.

       October 9th, 2015