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A Prescription for the Soul is not scheduled to be published until the spring, 2016. 

You can get it now, however, in a limited-edition. pre-publication special.

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Conference and Meeting Planners

Peter often speaks to corporate meetings, association and civic group conferences and other similar events.

Here's what one conference attendee had to say:

"WOW!! I had the opportunity to listen to Peter Weddle speak last week at a conference and ‘WOW!!’ does NOT do justice to how I felt after listening to him!"

Book Clubs

Peter is available to read an excerpt from his book or discuss its key themes with book clubs.

College & University

Faculty Members As a historical novel, A Prescription for the Soul offers college and university faculty a unique and engaging format for exploring current affairs in America, especially income inequality, societal norms, and generational conflict.

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A Prescription for the Soul Book Cover