A Prescription for the Soul

A coming-of-age, coming-of-wisdom story about Baby Boomers and the American Dream they'll leave their kids.

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Book Cover: A Prescription for the Soul

About the Book

Is the sun rising or setting on the American Dream?

A Prescription for the Soul answers that question with two parallel stories. One is a coming-of-age tale about a group of American teenagers – Army brats – living on a small U.S. Army garrison in Verona, Italy in 1963. They spend their weekends exploring the ancient city of Venice … and themselves … as they try to understand the tumultuous events taking place back home.   More...

Peter Weddle, Author

About the Author

Peter Weddle is a Baby Boomer, Army brat and Vietnam era veteran. Described by The Washington Post as “a man filled with ingenious ideas,” he is the author or editor of over two dozen books and has been a columnist for National Business Employment Weekly and the interactive edition of The Wall Street Journal.   More...

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A Prescription for the Soul is not scheduled to be published until the spring, 2016. You can get it now, however, in a limited-edition. pre-publication special.

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